October Grounding

I write a Monthly Passage, which I learned from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self, to let go of last month and enter the new month with intention.


What worked in September

  • dancing in the morning

  • rest

  • accepting my creative block (not fighting it)

  • playing Stardew Valley more than normal

  • doing fun things

  • leaving to-dos for later

  • Tarot!

  • being brave

  • letting go of outcomes

Next time I might

  • continue with sprints (working on a project just for one week at a time)

  • drink more fluids on the weekend

  • the day ends at 9 pm, that's it, period.

Qualities for October

Grounding. Receptive. Connection. Relax. Shielding. Spaciousness. Roots.

Things I'm working on

  • receiving guidance

  • softening

  • developing my Cosmic Heart

Looking forward to

  • art fairs

  • autumn colors

Asking and hoping for

  • fun

I'm ready for

  • letting go of who I think I am

  • guidance

  • reclaiming