The Devil Brings Clarity

I love it when the Devil appears in my Tarot spread.

From the  Mona Lisa Tarot , artwork by Paolo Martinello

From the Mona Lisa Tarot, artwork by Paolo Martinello

The Devil has a pretty bad reputation and doesn't look that nice - browse the designs for the Devil card on and you'll see some terrifying figures like the Christian devil, Baphomet, Hel, Kali, Ammit, serpents, dragons, even Cthulhu. Many designs feature a man and a woman chained to the Devil, trapped. Sometimes it's obvious that the man and woman are Adam and Eve from the Old Testament.

I like to remember the Devil's name, Lucifer. It means "Light Bringer" and also refers to the planet Venus when it precedes the sunrise. A star announcing the sunrise - doesn't that sound nice? Not gross or scary at all.

The  actor playing him on TV  looks pretty nice, too, amiright

The actor playing him on TV looks pretty nice, too, amiright

Let's re-interpret the Garden of Eden story, keeping in mind what "Lucifer" means. Lucifer offered Eve knowledge and self-awareness, which she accepted and then shared with Adam. Christianity heaps a lot of negativity on her for deciding to pursue knowledge and self-awareness, but can we consider Eve and Adam's decision as just naturally human, and important to growing up into mature adults?

The Devil invites us to ask:

  • What am I scared of knowing about myself?

  • What am I scared of knowing about the world?

  • What's holding me back - inside and outside?

  • What facts am I scared of accepting right now?

  • How can I explore my fears safely?

  • Can I engage my fears without judging myself?

When pondering these powerful questions with gentleness and care, even the scariest-looking Devil won't seem as scary.